The Midwest BioRepository (MWBR) is an enabling collection of more than 5,000,000 archival FFPE blocks (and growing) donated by community hospitals in the Midwest. Its’ mission is to provide access to human tissue, and associated information, to the research community. Initially established and managed by Dr. Tony Dennis and his colleagues at BioOhio and funded by the State of Ohio’s Third Frontier Program, the MWBR is now managed by Phylogeny.

Several large hospital systems currently participate in the MWBR by donating CAP-graduated archival pathology blocks targeted for disposal. A donation of archival FFPE blocks to the MWBR provides an important service to the research community, as well as provides a significant cost savings to participating hospitals by saving many thousands of dollars required for their disposal and/or ongoing storage.

Once blocks are donated, the MWBR will assume all responsibility for the logistics and costs associated with transferring the blocks to the MWBR. The MWBR protocol has been scrutinized and approved by multiple current IRBs. Moreover, Phylogeny provides reimbursement to hospitals for the work involved to access de-identified data associated with the donated specimen.

In addition to archival block donation, the MWBR is establishing partnerships for fresh and fresh frozen specimens derived from surgically remnant tissue, for which a blanket IRB exists, or through site-specific IRB-guided project design. The MWBR has procurement partnerships with several hospitals and clinics throughout the U.S. Reimbursement funds exist to accommodate these types of procurements.